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Agriculture - le 20/06/2019

Grain: from seed to harvest

Looking after grain at VIVESCIA
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Grain under the microscope
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Grain throughout the seasons
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Resignation of the managing director - Creation of a new operational m...
VIVESCIA Industries - valeur action
VIVESCIA Industries - New share price: €23.12
Avec la création d’une 4e ligne de production, le site Délifrance de Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme) conforte son rôle de pôle d’excellence de viennoiseries
With the creation of a fourth production line, Délifrance’s production...
Tendances alimentaires : zoom sur les attentes qui font évoluer nos métiers et notre assiette
Food trends: Focus on the expectations that are changing our business...
Christoph Büren
Christoph Büren re-elected President of VIVESCIA
Wonderful 2019!
image boutique Délifrance Franchise
Délifrance's bakery-restaurants win the 2018 Janus du Commerce award
image actu VIVESCIA Résultats 2018
Consolidated results for the financial year ending 30 June 2018: VIVES...
VIVESCIA s’associe au photographe Guillaume Czerw pour une série photographique intitulée « des Hommes et des grains »
VIVESCIA has teamed up with the photographer, Guillaume Czerw, for a s...
The world's joint-leading malt producer, MALTEUROP, accelerates its co...

On the grain road

To bake good bread and croissants or to brew good beer requires good grain!
And the grain must be looked after throughout the value chain: from farmer to consumer.
This is why, at VIVESCIA, farmers and employees are committed to produce and process the cereals that bring natural, healthy and good food to people.

VIVESCIA Agriculture

Upstream. Our experts support the farmers towards an ever more sustainable agriculture.

VIVESCIA Industries

Downstream. The VIVESCIA processing companies are extracting the entire grain potential.