VIVESCIA was created by farmers and belongs to farmers. Its governance is closely linked to its story and is based upon two major bodies:


The story of VIVESCIA began in the early 20th century when the farmers of North-Eastern France decided to join forces to shape their future. Today, strong of its roots, the Group retains its vocation: to develop a sustainable economic model that creates value for all and ensures a strong future for all agricultural activities, at home and abroad… Its philosophy of action remains unchanged: decisions are taken collectively and investments are made for the long-term. This is what we call “patient capitalism”.

Conseil d'administration

The Board of Administration

It consists of 26 Administrators, mainly farmers, elected by the VIVESCIA members. They represent the...

Comité Exécutif

The Group Executive Committee

It works in close and constant relationship with the members of the Board of Administration


The Board of Administration represents the VIVESCIA member-farmers. Through the various entities of governance, they share and decide upon the Group’s strategic directions.
The Board of Administrations consists of:

  • The President of VIVESCIA who is a farmer elected by the Board of Administration.
  • 26 administrators, including 25 farmers elected by the members
  • 8 of these administrators form the Bureau
  • 1 member represents the Employees Shareholding Funds (FCPE),
  • 1 member of the Board of Administration represents the Non-Cooperative Associates ,
  • 4 members are from the Workers Council.

The Group Executive Committee  works in close relationship with the Board of Administration. In charge of the financial results and the business performance of the Group, it also proposes and implements the strategy for achieving the objectives set by the Board of Administration. The Group Executive Committee consists of 11 members, including the managers of the Group and its companies.


Almost 100 meetings are held every year! Across all entities (The Board of Administration and its Bureau, The Executive Committee, the 18 Sector councils and the 2 Regional councils), 97 meetings were organised over the 2015-2016 financial year.

Short decision-making process for a better management of the Group. The governance consists of many members (394 elected farmers) but the rapid circulation of information promotes responsiveness and efficiency. As our activities and our expertise about the grain are very diversified, our governance also ensures coherence between the strategies of our several entities.

Christoph Büren

"VIVESCIA’s strength resides in the connection of energies with talents, agricultural savoir-faire with industrial expertise, the fields with the markets… This is the virtue of VIVESCIA's cooperative and entrepreneurial model: working together!"

Christoph Büren, VIVESCIA President