CSR: a goal, and a new roadmap

2017 was the year for an assessment and change of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). the roadmap launched in 2014 led to some fine achievements. but three years on, in light of the group’s growth and international expansion, there has been a thorough and ambitious review of the csr strategic guidelines, driven by its governing bodies.

our CSR approach: 3 independent pillars

CSR is central to the VIVESCIA identity, a Group that came into being in the region where big farming cooperatives first originated. Raw and processed grain are the resources on which the Group’s companies work, united by a shared mission: to nourish people. Now, more than ever, this is an immense responsibility. In our model, value is shared with those who create it. Everything is brought together today to ensure we make progress and are up to the challenges of tomorrow, with determination, significant resources and joint construction process. The Group has already set itself precise objectives for 2025.